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Wilson Communications
Social Media Video Production

Homecooking has become our "new normal" during the pandemic. 

In regard to this growing demand for user-friendly cookery appliances, we ride on this need to create a short on-point "unboxing" video for the new launch of Fumeless Barbecue Grill, showing how its unique key features contribute to an effortless experience during and after indoor Korean grill.

在家煮食,已經成為 COVID-19 下的新常態。鑑於大家對煮食爐具的需求不斷增長,我們製作了一段開箱短片,展示新推出的無煙燒烤爐。短片中呈現出如何透過簡易操作,帶來室內韓式燒烤體驗。



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