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Social Media Retainer & SEO Service

Based on the actual business needs, revamp the Facebook and Instagram page by restructuring the information, recreating post content and format. Eventually, improve the B2C engagement and social exposure.

Besides, we also analyzed the website traffic and keywords relativities to clients’ B2B business model. 


By tracking user behavior and identifying drop-off rates across the conversion process. We gave clear suggestions on-site architecture and content direction, to enhance business development.

根據客戶業務需求,對Facebook和Instagram頁面重新調整、創作帖子內容和格式,提高 B2C 參與度和社交曝光度。此外,我們亦按 Google 演算法分析客戶網站流量和關鍵字,強調其 B2B 商業模式的特性,讓人更容易搜尋其網頁。


通過追踪用戶行為, 我們在網頁架構和內容方向提出針對性建議,大大降低轉化過程中的客戶流失率。




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